Continuing Professional Development  Local councils are regulated by a complex range of legislation which is constantly under review and subject to change. At present, there is an unprecedented amount of change occurring with reviews of several major pieces of legislation. Locale Consulting has recently partnered with CPDforMe in delivering webinars for other lawyers on current changes in local government legislation including the creation of the Greater Sydney Commission, new strategic plan making powers for NSW, the new Coastal Management Act, review of Crown lands and local council mergers, as well as the draft Planning Bill recently released for public comment. You can access these webinars, and others presented by Locale Consulting, on the CPDforMe website We will be continuing to partner with CPDforMe to provide regular updates on planning and local government legislation. If you would like to know more about these webinars, please contact: Emma Broomfield Director – Legal, Governance and Mediation  T     0421 180 881 E