Strong governance results in better decision making for your organisation and improved results for your commmunity.


our Approach

In an era of increasing expectations for transparency and accountability, it is critical to have good governance practices and policies in place to guide your staff and officials.

We are here to help you develop good decision-making processes that have a positive result on your organisation.

We have expertise in advising on open and transparent decision-making processes and the implementation of those processes in a local government and community setting. Our team offers legal knowledge and conflict resolution skills as well as a broad understanding of the policy and political settings.




Locale Consulting can assist you to develop strong governance by:

/   Giving you legal advice on governance issues to improve your decision making

/   Providing mediation services to assist in the early resolution of disputes

/   Undertaking investigations about allegations of misconduct by staff of officials

/   Investigating and resolving workplace conflicts and disputes

/   Resolving legal issues about decision making and good governance

/   Implementing procurement practices and policies that have regard to probity principles and comply with your legislative obligations

/   Undertaking probity reviews of procurement decisions to ensure correct processes have been followed

/   Delivering customised training to your staff and officials across a broad range of legal and governance issues such as managing conflicts of interest and Code of Conduct issues

/   Developing strategies and policies which complement the integrated planning and reporting framework for local councils

Our Work

We deliver practical and outcome based solutions in our projects and for our clients. Below are some recent examples of our governance work.  

You can also find out more about other projects in our complementary service areas.

Governance | Code of Conduct Review

Code of Conduct Reviews

Governance | Probity review

Probity Review

Governance | Continuing professional development

Continuing Professional Development

Governance | Integrated planning and reporting framework

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

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