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Sound tendering practices are essential to creating an effective and efficient organisation.


our Approach to procurement

Procurement is an important council function, with local councils spending significant amounts of public money on projects and services every year. Purchasing decisions are also important for community organisations who operate on limited budgets and resources. 

We can help you design, develop and implement effective, practical and lawful procurement strategies and processes to increase the efficiency of your organisation. 

We understand the practicalities of responding to requests to quote or tender and know the importance of getting the framework right up front – it saves time and money during project delivery. 

Our procurement services are led by Emma Broomfield, our Director – Legal, Governance and Mediation, who is a lawyer and nationally accredited mediator with an extensive background in the local government sector and community organisations. Emma is highly experienced in pre and post procurement issues. 

We complement Emma’s expertise with our political, planning, grant  and community engagement experience across a range of settings.

For a free and confidential discussion on your next purchasing decision or project issue, please contact Emma:

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HoW WE CAN HELP with your procurement

Locale Consulting can assist you with your next purchasing decision by:

/   Acting as an independent probity advisor to review your process and give recommendations about future action

/  Giving legal advice at both pre and post-tender stages to ensure lawful and effective decisions

/  Preparing tender and contract documentation which meets your legislative obligations and strategic objectives

/  Advising on the appropriate procurement process when planning a project having regard to your strategic objectives and legislative obligations

/  Writing reverse briefs where you do not have the time or expertise

/  Assisting to resolve contractual disputes, such as alleged breaches or non-performances, by using mediation

/  Embedding alternative dispute resolution processes into your contracts and project management processes

/  Conducting “project mediations” which help identify and resolve issues during project implementation

/  Designing and implementing an appropriate community engagement strategy as part of the project design

/ Developing procurement plans to support grant applications

Our Work

We deliver practical and outcome based solutions in our projects and for our clients. Below are some recent examples of our work in tendering.

You can also find out more about other projects in our complementary service areas.

Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solutions

Procurement solutions |Probity review

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