Veronica Husted – Director and former Chair

This project involved extensive collaboration with both the local community and community leaders across eight unique coastal localities. Locale did a brilliant job of coalescing complex matters into a straightforward document – that we can now use to drive projects...

Local community member

I would imagine that all those who participated would have learnt a lot through the process as Locale directed it. I certainly did and feel that we as a community will be well prepared and able to face challenges as they come our way.

Local community member

Through our work with Locale, the Berry Forum were able to establish a clear line of sight from our community needs to the opportunities for implementation.  The community continues to deliver on the projects that were identified, and can fall back on the Plan...

Pamela Denise

Thank you so much, would have gone under without your incredible support. Extraordinary – thank you!

Local community member

Having the expertise of Locale Consulting was awesome. Locale doing the hard work of collating data and drafting the plan meant that it was created with a level of professionalism that we wouldn’t have achieved without that help.