Launch of Locale Learning – A new hub for local councillor training

by | Dec 8, 2020

Locale Consulting has worked closely with local government over many years and recognise the immense knowledge, skills and personal qualities councillors need to ensure strong local leadership. That’s why we are launching a new hub for local councillor training.

Welcome to Locale Learning! Our mission is to deliver engaging, relevant and practical learning opportunities for local councillors, so councils can maximise their impact on the local communities they serve.

Full website coming in early 2021

Our full website will launch in early 2021 with a comprehensive offering of ways for local councillors to learn and grow on their leadership journey. This will include:

  • Online courses – With our online courses local councillors will have a short cut through the steep learning curve to help them be as effective as they can, as early as possible. Modules can be mixed and matched to meet training needs.
  • One to one support – If councillors are looking for more individualised support in their leadership journey, they can ramp up their leadership by working one to one with a leadership coach or subject matter expert. Our coaches will tailor a support package to meet each councillor’s needs.
  • In person and virtual workshops for the elected body – To support the elected body and supplement in-house induction or professional development programs, we also offer group workshops across a range of topics. These can be delivered in person or online to suit the needs of council.

Pre-election sessions for candidates

With the local government election to be held on 4 September 2021, local councils should be starting to organise pre-election sessions for candidates. The requirements for these sessions are set out in the Office of Local Government Councillor Induction And Professional Development Guidelines. Ideally, one should be held before nomination day. These should accessible and cover the core responsibilities of councillors.

As part of Locale Learning, we have developed free resources to help councils and candidates in the lead up to the election. This includes a free mini course on how to become a councillor. You can access these free resources at our new website at Locale Learning.

If you have any questions about Locale Learning, please feel free to contact Emma Broomfield who is the Founder and Chief Educator:

Emma Broomfield Director Governance & Mediation

Emma Broomfield

Director - Governance and Mediation

  0421 180 881



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