Batemans Bay Streetscape Project

Batemans Bay is a large regional town on the NSW South Coast.  It is a popular holiday spot for many, particularly with those in the north (Sydney), as well as with those from the west (Canberra).

The main town centre is a busy and relatively congested area, making streetscape works all the more important to consider the range of community and business views.  Locale assisted Ayling & Drury Landscape Architecture to undertake the project, designing and implementing a consultation process that sought to gain up-front views that would lead the concept design work, followed by subsequent consultation to test whether the outcomes were meeting community expectations.

The processes were highly visible, seeking to gain views from a range of people by being on-site in the town centre, rather than expecting the community to attend another “town hall” style meeting.  Steve also provided design assistance and peer review for Ayling & Drury, ensuring that consultation processes were embedded in the design outcomes.

The project has since commenced implementation with an agreed concept receiving widespread support.

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson 

Director – Planning and Strategy

T     0419 700 401