Bill Andriske Oval Master Plan 

Bill Andriske Oval is located in the town of Mollymook Beach, on the South Coast of NSW. The Oval has numerous uses and areas, from its home to the Milton Ulladulla Rugby League team, to sensitive environmental wetlands and general public open spaces / play areas.

With the local area increasingly pressured by new development / redevelopment, the area required clear directions to enable its full value to be leveraged by the community and Council into the future. The plans identified key needs and directions, including issues such as car parking and access – which were particular issues on game days.

The plans provided Council with directions to enable a voluntary planning agreement to be established for the first stage of parking improvements – benefiting both the reserve and nearby local shopping precinct. The plans also provide directions for Council in respect of future development of a sports clubhouse, an issue which had remained of concern to many in the area.

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