Cemetery Maintenance Guide

Locale was engaged by Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW to assist in establishing a guide to maintenance under the Code of Practice for cemetery and crematoria operators.  The project undertook a process of engagement across various parts of the sector, including council, private and Crown cemetery operators.

The document sought to be a practical guide, providing a range of case study examples of how maintenance activities can be achieved over small to large facilities.  The Guide created a hierarchy of cemeteries and established key maintenance principles that can be applied according to this hierarchy.

The Guide was also designed to cover a range of complex issues – but in a simple and direct way.  As such, a number of maintenance themes were identified, including general grounds maintenance, monumentation, built assets and heritage considerations.  The Guide was also supported by a Performance Monitoring Framework that could be used to monitor compliance and use of the Guide.

The Guide was published by Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW in February 2020. 

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Cemetery maintenance guide
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