Coastal Planning and Engagement

Coastal management and planning is a controversial subject in many areas, with many in the community more concerned about property values than potential future impacts of sea level rise and storm events. 

Local Consulting has been involved in a number of projects in this area, including a facilitated public forum, preparation of an engagement strategy and assisting in the development of planning controls and their associated public exhibition.  On the south coast, Locale staff presided over a public forum that was attended by over 200 people including technical experts and the public, relating to coastal dune vegetation.  The aim of the public forum was to establish a reference group to guide the future management of coastal dune vegetation.  On the north coast, Locale worked with MikeSvikisPlanning to develop coastal control planning controls and their subsequent exhibition.  We established a facilitated drop-in process for affected land owners, seeking to ensure that those most directly impacted would be able to speak one-on-one with those that formulated the controls and therefore understand their context. 

The outcome of these projects often relates to dissemination of information and collaboratively working with affected communities to recognise the science and to discuss options for the future.  

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson

Director – Planning and Strategy

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