Community-led disaster planning

Following the bushfires in 2019/2020, Lismore City Council received funding from the Bushfire Community Resilience and Economic Recovery Fund to deliver place based and locally led activities to support community and economic recovery.  This was a pilot project in the Lismore LGA with The Channon and Nimbin communities.

Locale was engaged by Council to deliver the project in collaboration with the communities over five months during the COVID pandemic.  The project used a place-based approach and was based on community-led planning principles.  This meant the community was responsible for determining the actions in the plans and will have ownership of implementation of the plans in the future.

Our role included:

/   co-designing the engagement processes with the community

/   facilitating a range of community engagement activities such as in-person workshops, online surveys and the project steering groups

 organising an education event with State emergency agencies including RFS, SES, Resilience NSW and Red Cross

/   preparing the disaster plan with each community

/   organising the launch of the plans

Overall, the project was a great success with The Channon launching its own community hub and the Nimbin community creating a dedicated information site for disasters.  

“The community was encouraged and empowered to take the reins in as many ways as they were motivated and able.  And the outcomes thus far are already immense – a fantastic, thorough, concise, clear, user-friendly plan to act upon going forward.” – Local community member

 For more information about this project, please contact Emma: 

Emma Broomfield Director Governance & Mediation

Emma Broomfield 

Director – Governance and Mediation

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