Dapto Square Concept Design

Wollongong City Council engaged Locale Consulting, in conjunction with Ayling Drury, Landscape Architecture, to prepare a series of options for the redevelopment of a small but important town centre square in Dapto.

Council sought a series of interim, lost cost place-making ideas that could be used to test the long-term use of the area.  This resulted in short, medium and long-term plans that enable discussion and agreement with the community in the context of a longer-term vision.

The project required consolidation of extensive stakeholder and community engagement, strategic analysis of the site and existing planning controls and direction to inform design options for the space to best meet Council and Community needs.

Through stakeholder engagement and consultation, a range of short, medium and long-term plans were developed through suggested transient, semi-permanent and permanent activities and features.

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson 

Director – Planning and Strategy

T     0419 700 401

E     steve@localeconsulting.com.au