Nymboida Bushfire Recovery – Community Action Plan

On 8 November 2019, the Nymboida area was severely and devastatingly affected by a ravaging bushfire.  The bushfire destroyed 90 homes and many more outbuildings and sheds.  Given Nymboida’s small population, few people were left unimpacted with many losing homes, sheds or livelihoods.

Following the bushfires, the community rallied together to support each other in the recovery process and raised a significant amount of funds to support their efforts.

In early 2020 and following the COVID lockdowns in New South Wales, Locale worked with the Nymboida community to develop a Community Action Plan to help guide how the community would spend the donations.  Given the restrictions, it was not possible for the community to come together in person.

The community had already undertaken a significant amount of consultation to find out where local people thought the money should be spent.  Our role was to bring together the hard work the community had already done into a prioritised, realistic and actionable plan which they have since taken to Council for joint delivery.  This included allocation of direct community funding through short, medium and long term projects and programs as well as roles and responsibilities between Council and the community.

As a final stage of community input to endorse the direction in the Community Action Plan, a short survey was developed and published on the Clarence Valley Council consultation portal Community Conversations.

We completed this project on a pro-bono basis as a way of giving back to our local community following the fires.

On completion of the project, community leader, Pamela Denise, said:

Thank you so much, would have gone under for sure without your incredible support.  Extraordinary – Thank you!

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Nymboida Bushfire Recovery
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