Planning System Training – State Emergency Services

Locale Consulting was engaged by the State Emergency Services to deliver training on the NSW Planning System to its newly created planning teams across regional NSW.  The training was tailored to meet the news of the SES staff and focused on the role of the SES in the planning system and related Flood Prone Land Policy. 

The staff found the training valuable and insightful, below is some of their feedback:

 Excellent, casual, relaxed and inclusive, but very informative in easy to understand language.”

“Relaxed and approachable.  Low reliance on Powerpoint which felt quite conversational, for a complex topic.”

 “Areas of expertise were really valuable and their style of covering different areas worked well to keep the few hours lively (so I didn’t switch off!).”

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Emma Broomfield

Director – Governance and Mediation

T     0421 180 881