Review of Standard Development Consent Conditions

Efficiency and consistency in the outcomes to planning assessments is increasingly important in a modern interconnected world.  Whilst we believe there will always be a need for “non-standard” conditions of consent, standardising frequently used conditions and understanding how to consistently apply these conditions is fundamental to efficient development planning.  

Locale Consulting recently reviewed and revised the standard conditions of consent for a local council, focussing on gaining an understanding of how the existing conditions had been formulated, how they were used in practice, and whether staff / sections were applying such conditions consistently (with each other and broader council policy).  This process was undertaken through detailed staff workshops across many areas, where each section was able to table and discuss the conditions used and to have these reviewed by Locale. We also provided a user friendly version of a legal guide to conditions, workshopping with staff how some conditions would be unlawful and how their drafting could be improved.   

A revised list of standard conditions was then drafted based upon the workshop outcomes and a generic framework for standard conditions, based on the known legal principles and their application. 

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Emma Broomfield

Director – Legal, Governance and Mediation

T     0421 180 881