Shoalhaven Equestrian Centre of Excellence

Shoalhaven City Council wanted to explore future options for the development of an “Equestrian Centre of Excellence” for a site located south of Berry.

Locale Consulting, in conjunction with Ayling & Drury Landscape Architecture, undertook a collaborative consultation and masterplan design process as a first stage of the proposal to ensure that the site was suited to the proposed use and to establish a basis for funding assistance moving forward. The project involved a design charrette process with key stakeholders, combined with a review of various constraint factors such as riparian offsets, visual impact and accessibility.

The project resulted in a blueprint for moving forward with detailed design and funding packages.  The first stage of the project is proceedng whilst funding is sought for subsequent stages over time.

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson

Director – Planning and Strategy

T     0419 700 401