Waste Management and Planning

Waste management is a core function of local councils, requiring significant resources and projects to be delivered within a web of legislative and regulatory requirements.

Locale Consulting has undertaken a number of waste planning projects, from assessments of long term waste disposal needs and strategic level business unit plans to assistance with tenders for collection and preparation of planning assessment documents.  Our projects have included:

– Preliminary review of on-site expansion constraints / opportunities

– Desktop review of potential landfill locations over the long-term

– Review of development issues and how these can be addressed in development application requirements

– Preparation of tender specifications for waste contracts

– Review of current state and policy review and business implications

– Preparation of a Preliminary Planning Proposal

Our projects are outcome focused and with a combination of planning, local government and legal/governance understanding, we are able to deliver projects from a broad perspective to ensure a positive response.

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson

Director – Planning and Strategy

T     0419 700 401

E     steve@localeconsulting.com.au