Wollondilly Rural Lands Strategy and Findings Report

Some of Sydney’s most productive agricultural land is within 100 kilometres of Sydney’s CBD. Proximity to Sydney, the rapid pace of growth and change, and the range of other land uses competing for space make Wollondilly’s rural land some of the most contested in the State.

Locale developed the Wollondilly Rural Lands Strategy as the long-term strategic direction for rural areas in Wollondilly. The Strategy provides a detailed assessment of rural lands, its opportunities, issues and future use. Wollondilly Shire Council will use the Strategy to help inform future planning decisions and local planning policy for rural lands.

Our role included developing a Rural Lands Findings Report to support the Strategy. The Findings Report provides a detailed, evidence-based analysis with insights into the current and future rural opportunities and challenges for Wollondilly.  

The Strategy development involved a comprehensive engagement strategy including preliminary engagement with various stakeholders such as State agencies, landowners, primary producers, the Wollondilly Rural Lands Strategy Reference Group, independent institutes, and statutory corporations.

The result is a contemporary and balanced framework for land management in Sydney’s peri-urban rural lands.

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