Woodburn Riverside Precinct Master Plan

Woodburn is a location that is facing great change – with a highway by-pass being constructed and the town needing to pro-actively respond to its future challenges. Recognising the challenges ahead, Richmond Valley Council engaged with their community and established the needs and desires for the future.

Locale Consulting was engaged to take these ideas, and to establish a master plan for the Riverside Precinct. This involved three key elements – the rationalisation of three building down to one, facilitation of new opportunities for the town, and the beautification of the park and streetscape to entice travellers to the area even when the by-pass is open.

The project brought together the unique setting and desires of Council and the community to establish a firm basis to explore funding and to guide detailed design (both of which have subsequently involved Locale).

The project is now progressing to construction having received matched Commonwealth funding, enabling the area to be revitalised in advance of the by-pass opening.

If you have a question about this project, please contact:

Steve Thompson 

Director – Planning and Strategy

T     0419 700 401

E     steve@localeconsulting.com.au