Yamba waterways public hearing

The reclassification of public land owned or managed by local councils can, at times, be a controversial issue within communities. This is particularly the case when councils seek to change the classification from community to operational.

As such, an important part of the reclassification process is having an independent person chair a public hearing. This provides the community with an opportunity to provide their views about the proposal.  

We have recently chaired a public hearing for Clarence Valley Council about the reclassification of five parcels on land within the Yamba waterways. The land had been acquired by Council over a number of years and had not been classified as operational.

Given the high level of interest in the proposal and impact on licensing for private structures on the waterways, Council held a series of drop-in information sessions for people to attend to ask questions before the hearing itself. Council also published a FAQ on its website. This helped the community understand the reasons for the reclassification and how this impacted their properties. Ultimately, the hearing found no reason for the reclassification not to proceed.

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Yamba waterways public hearings
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