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We can help you empower your community through engagement and consultation.


our Approach to community engagement

Engaging and working collaboratively with your community builds capacity, resilient relationships and strengthens the planning, decision making and project implementation process.

We believe that well-planned engagement can identify emerging issues enabling you to proactively position your organisation to address the situation. This means better outcomes for your communities.

With a growing trend in local government legislation to engage with communities and other levels of government in decision making, it is also important to know how to do this effectively.

We have the expertise to design and implement participation processes that meet your needs (including time and budget). Our community engagement services are led by Steve Thompson and Cinnamon Dunsford, who both have the leading qualifications in community engagement from IAP2. 

For a free and initial discussion about your community consultation needs, please contact Steve on:

 0419 700 401 


HoW WE CAN HELP with engaging your community

Locale Consulting can assist you working with your community by:

/   Identifying and creating the most effective consultation approach to achieve your desired outcome such as public meetings, workshops, information sessions, surveys and questionnaires

/   Building more resilient relationships in dealing with complex issues and change

/   Enhancing your reputation as an open and accountable organisation that is willing to involve and listen to the community

/   Acting as an independent chair of public hearings for changes to local environmental plans or public land reclassification

/   Facilitating public meetings about contentious community issues

/   Creating robust community engagement strategies or policies for your organisation

/   Integrating an engagement strategy alongside a new plan or project

/   Resolving disputes or problems in the consultation process quickly, confidentially and cost effectively through mediation

/   Designing a community engagement process which satisfies your legislative requirements

Our Work

We deliver practical and outcome based solutions in our projects and for our clients. Below are some recent examples of our community engagement projects.

You can also find out more about other projects in our complementary service areas.

Community engagement | Coastal planning and engagement
Coastal Planning and Engagement
Community Engagement | Shoalhaven Heads Village Plan
Shoalhaven Heads Village Plan
Community engagement | Narooma Streetscape Upgrade
Narooma Streetscape
Community engagement | Community use buildings review
Community Use Buildings Review

What our clients saY

Steve has facilitated a very innovative planning model for the coastal village of Shoalhaven Heads. The Shoalhaven Heads Strategic Plan has been an instrument which has been driven by the community and made into an evolving document by Steve which has now been adopted by Shoalhaven City Council and endorsed by all levels of government. So far the strategic plan has had close to $300K of funding committed by various levels of government.

The strength of the plan is that it provides a long term strategy and vision for the village of 3,000 residents which identifies and prioritises key projects within the village.

This strategic plan and its subsequent adoption and management have become a best practice model for Shoalhaven City Council”

Michelle Bishop| Community Leader

Shoalhaven Heads

P     PO Box 53 Woolgoolga NSW 2456

T     0419 700 401


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