Effective dispute resolution can save you time and money and help improve relationships and outcomes. 

Our approach to mediation

Conflicts and disputes are an everyday fact in local government and community organisations. How your organisation responds to this  can have an enormous impact on your reputation and effectiveness. Left unresolved, ongoing conflict will lead to a waste of time, energy and resources, and in the worst case scenario, expensive legal proceedings.

Our approach to conflict resolution is based on well established mediation principles. Emma Broomfield, our Director – Governance and Mediation, is a nationally accredited mediator who has an extensive background in the local government sector and community organisations. Emma also brings her legal expertise to her mediation work and is known for her empathetic and practical approach.

There are many examples in a government or community setting where mediation can avoid the need for court proceedings or prevent a diversion of resources. Some examples include:

/   Ongoing complaints or concerns from community members about a decision or issue which won’t go away

/   Contentious planning decisions about development applications or planning proposals

/   Contractual issues which arise in a project or service delivery

/   Workplace disputes between staff or dysfunction within teams

/   Complaints made about elected councillors

/   Disagreements between board members or volunteers

For a free and confidential discussion on mediation and how it can help you, please contact Emma:

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Locale Consulting can help you resolve your conflict or dispute by:

/   Assessing whether the conflict or dispute is suitable for mediation or another form of dispute resolution

/   Addressing conflict at an early stage to avoid escalation

/   Acting as a neutral and independent mediator or facilitator in workplace, commercial or community disputes

/   Working with communities to narrow issues in dispute and to look at future-focused outcomes

/   Dealing with ongoing complaints by bringing people together to talk about the issues and look at mutual solutions using a robust process

/   Resolving conflict between officials, such as Councillors or board members – for example, complaints lodged under the Code of Conduct

/   Using mediation as a tool to resolve contractual disputes

/   Integrating mediation principles as part of a broader community engagement process

/   Delivering tailored training to your organisation about how to embed conflict resolution practices into your culture

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