We deliver tailored training packages to meet the needs of your organisation.

our Approach to Training

In today’s fast changing legislative and work environment, it is imperative to keep up to date and stay ahead of the pack. This includes both the technical know how and emotional intelligence to do your job effectively.

We offer cost effective training and professional development packages which are tailored to the needs and experience of your organisation. Our packages are suitable for staff, executive teams, elected officials, board members and volunteers. 

Our approach is based on a collaborative and interactive style – we believe in creating a low stakes environment so that there is maximum learning opportunities.

We tailor our content to suit your local needs and will come to you to deliver our training.

Our packages are delivered by our highly qualified and experienced team. This includes Emma Broomfield who is a trained lawyer and nationally accredited mediator, and Cinnamon Dunsford who is a qualified planner and community engagement practitioner. Together they bring a complementary skill set which covers the spectrum of technical knowledge and soft people skills. Both are dynamic and engaging presenters and facilitators.

For a free and initial discussion about your training  or development needs, please contact Emma Broomfield on:

 0421 180 881


HoW WE CAN HELP with your training needs

Locale Consulting has developed a range of training courses to meet the needs of councillors and staff in local government, as well as leaders and employees of community and non profit groups navigating the complexities of the government system.

We also deliver bespoke and tailored packages across a range of areas including:

/   Legislation overviews and updates including NSW planning system

/   Conflict resolution skills and approaches

/   Community engagement practices

 Complaints handling

 Dealing with difficult people

/   Procurement processes

/   Working together effectively – councillors and staff / board        members / teams

/   Model Code of Conduct and Code of Meeting Practice

In addition, we offer one on one coaching to councillors, managers and leaders within the community.

What our clients saY

“I loved all the training and this new knowledge has given me more confidence in my role as an elected councillor and better equips me to be a stronger voice for our community.”

Councillor - Regional Council

“Engaging presentation – zeroed in on the important issues we face.”

Councillor - Regional Council

“Relaxed and approachable.  Low reliance on Powerpoint which felt quite conversational, for a complex topic.”

State Emergency Services Team Member

Excellent, casual, relaxed and inclusive, but very informative in easy to understand language.”

State Emergency Services Team Member

“Areas of expertise were really valuable and their style of covering different areas worked well to keep the few hours lively (so I didn’t switch off!).”

State Emergency Services Team Member

“Perfect, engaging!”

Councillor - Regional Council

P     PO Box 53 Woolgoolga NSW 2456

T     0419 700 401


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